Marlene Jorge


Marlene Jorge was born in Santiago, Dominican Republic in 1974 where in her early years obtained a major at Laws but expressing throughout her life a deep love for the fine arts. The Dominican painter’s style posses a special emphasis on cutting contemporary figurative images. One of the recurring features Marlene Jorge ‘s artwork posses is the accentuation of the black outlines dramatizing the human form. Women, wrapped in a
nostalgic atmosphere are usually the subject of her work signature , a subject that expresses a demanding act of support and recognition of the value of women in society. Support for this work is the drawing and painting texture and use of bright colors that remind us her caribbean roots. Marlene Jorge invites us to witness a scene full of not only artistic intent but personal reflective representation of her vision of the human figure.

Marlene Jorge sees the world in different ways, and through the many faces observed in her artwork the artist gives a poetic meaning to that vision.The artist vibes at the rhythm of her painting brushes, happy and free to express herself through the bright colors of her bold style. Her work is alive, warm and distinctive. Jorge does not impose herself any limits and her creative energy added to the purity of her gestures, allow the magic to
happen and as the painting progresses the audience enters the artist universe, her mind and appreciation of the visual subjects she recollects day by day. The artist now divides her time between New York and Austin,Tx, where her studio is located.

Autodidact painter Marlene Jorge has taken art courses in recognized Institutions such as The School of
Visual arts of New York, University of Texas in Austin, New York Academy of Art , Instituto de Cultura y Arte, (ICA), and Escuela de Bellas Artes, in the Dominican Republic.

• Feria latinoamericana del Libro, artista invitada,NY.
• Rio Gallery, One Woman Show, NY.
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• Gio Studio, Expressions, NY.
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• Art Access Gallery, Untitled, NY
• Rush Berry Gallery, The song of silence, NY
• Columbia University, Selected Group Exhibit, NY.
• Gio Studio, The colors of Silence, NY.
• Time Warner Center, Remembranzas, NY.
• Gio Studio, Remembranzas II, NY.
• Selected Group exhibit at Altos de Chavon, Dominican Republic.
• Selected Group exhibit at Casa de Arte de Santiago, Dominican Republic.
• Selected Group exhibit at Centro de La cultura de Santiago, Dominican Republic.
• Private collections in the Dominican Republic, USA, and Europe.
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  • Painting
  • Drawing